Atelier Johanna

I create paintings in different techniques on order. Decorative and daily use items, along with frames, get made from the wool of our own sheep in the wool shed. I make ceramics on a small scale – for example wall clocks and jewellery. I offer the opportunity for a friend or work group to spend the day together in the cozy atmosphere of the sheep stables, creating things together with our hands. Atelier Johanna also produces personalised storybooks, in which the child gets to have adventures under their own name!


For painting techniques the options are pencil drawing, aquarelle, oil painting or acrylic on stone or plywood. I especially enjoy painting horses, and plywood frames can be shaped like your pet. We also offer ready-made ”Welcome” signs, which you can order with your own colour preferences.

Wool Art

When a sheep farmer makes art, wool is the natural choice of material – it takes so many forms! In addition to being woven and knit, you can felt items, cloths, blankets, felt cloths, accessories and paintings. Only your imagination is the limit! Our wool art display can be found in the stable boutique. Additionally, we occasionally produce unique wool art for sale.


Ceramic lingonberry, blueberry and horse clocks are ingenious gift ideas. Swinging angels and jewellery have been the most popular products. The next lot of ceramics will be produced during spring 2022.

Crafting Courses

Book a crafting day for your friend or work group! The maximum participant number is 10 people, and length of the day is 4-6 h. We can organise catering or you can bring your own lunch. Ask for an offer!

Course options:


We get an introduction to handling wool and try carding with hand combs and spinning with an old-fashioned spinning wheel.

Plant Dyeing

We collect seasonal plants from the vicinity and use them to dye threads


We get to know different felting techniques, allowing everyone to create a product of their choice


We offer a large variety of jewellery materials and we can let creativity fly!

Personalised Storybooks

A storybook with the child’s own name

Order a storybook with the child’s own name! In addition to the child, their friends or family members also get to adventure on the book’s pages. You can choose from ten different options. The stories are in hardcover and boost the child’s confidence. They’re best suited to 1-8-year-olds – or jokingly even as a 50th anniversary gift. It’s best to place the order through the website. The delivery time is 1-2 weeks.

Place the child in the leading role and the unforgettable tale can begin…Surprise the child by giving them a storybook, where they play the lead part. In their very own story the child can influence the events: they understand, solve problems and remains a brave hero for the duration of the story. An excellent idea for a birthday, name day, Christmas or just for the memories.

Watch the introductory video HERE.

Have a look at our book selection and order!

Rantakorpi farm

On the Rantakorpi farm, Finnish sheep and Eastern Finnish cattle are raised on a small scale. The farm offers horseback riding trips, experiences with farm animals and sheep products.

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Rantakorpi farm
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