The Sheep Barn Boutique

In the old barn of Rantakorpi we have furnished the Sheep Barn Boutique. In the atmospheric space the visiters can get acquainted with the products and traditional wool handling methods. The space is ideal for group meetings and courses (eg. Felting, spinning, dyeing). We have products of the farm for sale. You can visit the boutique by pre-arranging a visit, preferably via phone with the number 050-5775881. Two to four times a year we have a day of open doors and in July the boutique is open on Friday afternoons. You can also order products via the post/courier service. Email orders can be sent to:

Wool Products

From the various colours our own sheeps’ wool (shades of white, brown, black and grey) we produce yarn and felting wool, as well as washed or unwashed raw wool. It’s also possible to get second-rate wool for garden coverings. Occasionally we round out the wool selection with the products of the spinneries. Beautiful, soft and versatile pelts in various colors are produced in the Rantanen workshop. Every pelt is unique!

Meat and Meat Products

The farm produces lamb meat and veal from Eastern Finncattle (”kyyttö”) on a small scale. ”Lamb” means a sheep under a year old. When the lamb goes to the abattoir, it’s already almost an adult. We mostly sell lamb through pre-order as half a carcass cut into pieces. Half a lamb weighs 8-10 kg and contains a versatile selection of meat for different purposes. Fresh lamb is available four times a year: in September, November, January and March. Mild, soft and finely grained lamb meat is suitable for all kinds of cooking. We also sell tasty lamb fillets, steaks and mince. Occasionally we also offer Eastern Finncattle steaks and mince. We aim to keep a selection of meat in the freezer all year round.

Whole mutton preserve is constantly available. The extremely tasty and whole meat mutton wurst is the favourite of many, and we also offer juicy grill sausages alongside the occasional, more fiery chorizo sausage. We have the sausages produced a few times a year and sell them from the freezer. In conjunction with the slaughter batches we sometimes commission smoked mutton steak and tenderloin intended for fine dining. We welcome you to have a look and get yourself some delicacies!

The sheep and cattle are raised completely organic. The meat is nevertheless sold without the organic mark to avoid the excessive bureaucracy, which takes up disproportionate resources on a farm this small!

Other products

Mollamaija’s Bread Cheese

We like to use home-grown products as much as we can. We happily sell these delicacies to others as well, depending on the season and quantity. Our household cow produces excellently nutritious and delicious milk, which the young ones like and which we use to make sour milk, buttermilk, ice cream, butter, yoghurt and cream cheese. When there’s more than enough milk we make bread cheese and sell it to customers. We immediately freeze the cheeses, as they keep very well in the freezer.


We grow organic garlic on a small scale. Our animals take care of the fertilisation. We’ve focused on growing winter garlic, which has easily usable, large and aromatic cloves.

”Maistikas” Spice Blend

We dry and grind garlic to use it in our favorite spice, the Maistikas – blend. It’s well-suited for use as a table spice, for salads and as an additive-free, low-sodium aroma enhancer for all foods. Maistikas contains half sea salt and half vegetables: garlic, leek and celeriac.


Back in the day Johanna’s parents cultivated other herbs as well, and due to their legacy angelica has spread onto the lakeshore. Angelica is traditionally regarded as very effective in supporting the immune system.


We prepare various jams from our own berries and fruits. They’re available for sale according to the season and harvest of the year.

Rantakorpi farm

On the Rantakorpi farm, Finnish sheep and Eastern Finnish cattle are raised on a small scale. The farm offers horseback riding trips, experiences with farm animals and sheep products.

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Rantakorpi farm
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