Farm visits

Vigour and Refreshments – Farm Visits

The Rantakorpi farm welcomes travellers, families, school classes and work groups to be refreshed and enjoy the animals and doing things together. Potential catering will be organised by order – for example, the farm’s sheep sausages are delicious when grilled. In catering we aim to use our own/organic/local produce. We also organize riding trips and overnight stays. Get acquainted with our farm packages here.

Animal Introductions, ~ 30 minutes

We introduce and pat the horses, sheep, chicken, ducks, cattle, dogs and cats. After this you can still stay to hang around with the animals. And you can buy a little something to take home from the farm boutique!

– 5 €/pp (min. 4 people), 20 €/family, 30 €/group

Shepherding Show, ~ 30 minutes

We show how the shepherding dogs work with the sheep!

– 5 €/pp (min. 4 people), 20 €/family, 30 €/group

Family Package, 1,5 hrs

Animal tour + caring for horses + about 30 minutes of riding in lead and/or carting

– 60 €/family/5 pp

A Morning of Farm Work

You’ll take part in life on a farm for the morning and have lunch and coffee with us, from 9-13 pm! *We’ll reserve interesting activities for this day.

Price 25 €/adult and 10€/child (Up to 12yo), including food service (Max. 5 pp)

Felt your own animal or try spinning

30 €/h, 1-5 people or 60 €/h, 6-20 people

Group Program (6-20 pp)

Farm visits for groups with a schedule of your choice 60 €/h or 50 €/h for over 3 hrs. In addition to activities you can reserve food service. An example of a program: 1,5 hrs for 90 €

Farm Birthdays

We hang out with all the animals, go for an animal tour and everyone who wants to gets to ride horses or the cart. The program always goes for 2 hrs and the price is 120 €. The rent for the heated stable lounge with your own food is 20 €. We also offer an ice cream bar at the end of the program for 5 €/participant.

Catering Prices

– The farm’s own camp fire/grilled sausages & coffee/tea/juice and a dessert 8 €/pp

– Cinnamon bun/pie/Finnish ”bread cheese” & coffee/tea/juice 5 € pp

– Soup lunch 10 €/pp (Includes coffee and a small dessert)

After the programs you can also stay and eat your own packed lunch in on the farm grounds or in the stable lounge.

Rantakorpi farm

On the Rantakorpi farm, Finnish sheep and Eastern Finnish cattle are raised on a small scale. The farm offers horseback riding trips, experiences with farm animals and sheep products.

Contact info

Rantakorpi farm
Rantakorventie 82
41490 Niemisjärvi

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