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Our Own Horses

Rispa fra Minni-Borg, 1997

The jet-black icelandic horse Rispa is the oldest horse on on the Rantakorpi farm. Rispa means an ancestral mother or an elderly lady. She is a calm and wise old hand, trusty and afraid of nothing. If the other horses are afraid to cross a spot they think is scary, Rispa is called to help. And she will lead the fray across anything at all, at a steady and determined pace – were it a ditch, a puddle, a forest clearing or a bridge. Rispa doesn’t give in to stress or pointless rushing around, but plods on peacefully. She may fall behind the others somewhat, trusting that they’ll let her catch up eventually. Rispa has a handle on dressage and a good form when jumping – Sometimes she gets so excited about jumping that the years visibly fall off. She has a rhythmic trot, if somewhat bouncy, and an enjoyable canter with the occasional burst of speed. Advanced riders can get her to tolt, and then they’re in for a very smooth ride. Rispa is on the smaller side and her back is a little dented, so the weight limit for a rider is 60 kg. She is excellent for beginners and shy riders on trail rides. Rispa also has a summer rash, so in the summer she walks around with a caparison and spends the nights under cover. Otherwise, she’s in wonderful shape for someone her age.

Fjödur fra Akrakoti (Föfö), 1999

The beautiful pinto icelandic horse Fjödur (”feather/plume”) is the favorite of many. Föfö is also advanced in the years, but you wouldn’t notice it for the energy and dexterity she has as a steed. If Föfö gets to be the lead horse, it’s going to be a fast ride. Behind others Föfö is calmer and moves in an exemplary manner, making her suitable for even beginning riders. She is well-suited for the first canter practice, for she has a heavenly smooth ”rocking horse” canter which she gladly does even at a slower pace. Föfö has a strong will and likes to test it with the less experienced ones, and especially out alone or as a leader on a trail ride she might do a u-turn or find her own paths to follow in the riding arena. When the rider is clear, vigorous and consistent, Föfö becomes a dream horse with nice jumping skills – when she wants to and the rider is good enough 😊 Föfö has had problems with both hindlegs, which is why she may be a little stiff in the beginning of the ride and cantering may not be so effortless. Otherwise this old problem is mostly symptomless. Due to her smaller size and age the weight limit for a rider is 65 kg.

Cattayn Jaspis, 2005

The Shetland pony gelding Jasperi is a happy and fun personality beloved by many smaller riders. Jasperi has stunning coloration: black in the winter and greyish brown in the summer, with white hairs mixed in! He is well suited for riding on lead, with a steady trot. Jasperi shines as a cart pony, since he spend his youth as a team pony. Arena riding and trail rides work with advanced riders (who aren’t scared of a little bucking).

Amisteli (Misteli) 2014

Misteli is a young, level-headed mare in the beginning of her riding career, endowed with a calm and rational Finnish horse nature. She has a rhythmic and generous walk and trot, while her canter is still under work. Misteli is also a bit stubborn, but in experienced hands she’s very responsive. Her size and mass are enough for larger riders and a beginning adult rider will do well with her on a trail ride. Misteli is also a pleasant cart/sled horse due to her previous career trajectory of a trotter, but the riding business is better suited to her, after all. A foal is on the wish list at some point…

Keyfa fra Sahala (Keifa), 2004

The ruddy chestnut Keyfa (”beautiful head”) is an elegantly built, indepent Icelandic horse mare living in half-retirement and occasional use in breeding – in the summer of 2022 we’ll be welcoming the foal Fylkir fra Sannikko 🙂 Keyfa has some foot problems, so she’s only suited to relaxing rides and light riders. She’s an eager steed with a good travel speed in walking, and otherwise mainly moves in pace. This gait is very easy going even for a beginning rider.

Geisla fra Rantakorpi, 2018

The flame red, sandy-maned Geisla (”beam of light”) is Keyfa’s large and joyful Icelandic horse foal, whose riding training is beginning. In the future even heavier riders will be able to enjoy riding an Icelandic horse on Geisla. She is nice and calm by nature, if also a little stubborn. She has a mild summer rash, so she spends most of the summer caparisoned.

Enigma (Ellu) 2008

The gorgeous, night black Polish riding pony Enigma charms with her genial, affectionate nature and soft movements. Ellu is a rather vivacious case, who doesn’t easily run out of energy. Nevertheless, she mainly listens well, responds to a vigorous rider and knows how to take it nice and slow, especially if she gets to go first. When Ellu gets in a mood to show off, she goes at a fast trot with her tail held high – showcasing the Arab blood from her father’s side. She’s at her best on trail rides, brisk with jumping and able to do dressage when she calms down.

Horses in Care

Vasall (Valtsu) 2009

This almost white (palomino), sizeable Estonian horse is like straight from a fairytale. Valtsu has very soft movements and a calm nature. He’s an able steed and jumps well especially when the rider gets him to wake up to speed. He’s pleasant out on the trail, though some bucking may be expected especially when cantering behind other horses. Valtsu is occasionally in client use and the favorite of many.

Folda Fra Holmavik, 1999

Folda is a dignified Icelandic horse mare, very speedy considering her age. She is recognisable from afar by her joyful whinnies. Folda was brought from Iceland to Finland at an older age and acquired a summer rash after the move, so she lives the summers with a caparison. Folda trots, tolts and canters in a balanced way and is a willing steed. Sometimes she acts as the lead horse on trail rides.

Rantakorpi farm

On the Rantakorpi farm, Finnish sheep and Eastern Finnish cattle are raised on a small scale. The farm offers horseback riding trips, experiences with farm animals and sheep products.

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