LAMB fresh/frozen

Minced meat 500g/pkt 16€/kg
Leg with bone 2-3kg 20€/kg
Shoulder with bone ~ 1kg 20€/kg
Leg sliced 22€/kg
Pair Chops 25€/kg
Rack sliced / Shank 18€/kg
Backstrap / Leg boneless 30€/kg
Breast/Ribs 12€/kg
Tenderloin 40€/kg
Organs 10€/kg

Meat comes in vacuum packages of ~0,5 kg

You may pre-order fresh meat for November/January/March
½ lamb (~8-10kg) 15€/kg
Whole lamb (~16 kg) 14 €/kg

Cut and vacuumed in suitable packages (leg, shoulder, chops, rack, ribs, shank, mince). You may ask for special cutting!


Mutton wurst ( ~0,4kg) 8€/pkt
Mutton grill sausage ( ~0,4kg) 8€/pkt
Mutton conserve 400g 8€/jar -with garlic / standard spices
Smoked mutton 45€/kg

* Eastern Finncattle beef will next be available in the autumn of 2022.

Other products

Maistikas spice blend 3,50 €/jar
(sea salt, garlic, leek, celery)

Organic winter garlic (available August-December)

Small garlic 2 €/3heads
Large garlic 1 €/head

Bread cheese 7,50 €/piece 20€/3 pieces

Jams 5 €/jar

Wool Products

Wool Yarn

Natural colors 8 €/100 g
Plant dyed 20 €/100 g
Pelts 70-130 €

Felting Wool

Natural colours 5 €/100g
35 €/kg for a sheet of 500 g +
Dyed 6 €/100 g
45 €/kg for a sheet of 500 g +

Raw Wool

Unwashed 5 €/kg
Washed 10 €/kg
Fine washed 20 €/kg
Craft curls 3 €/100 g

Rantakorpi farm

On the Rantakorpi farm, Finnish sheep and Eastern Finnish cattle are raised on a small scale. The farm offers horseback riding trips, experiences with farm animals and sheep products.

Contact info

Rantakorpi farm
Rantakorventie 82
41490 Niemisjärvi

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