Rehabilitative Activities

Social pedagogical horse and animal activities


Versatile animal-assisted activities alone or in a group

  • A good mood from animals
  • Peace and relaxation in nature
  • Self-confidence
  • Happiness from sharing and working together
  • New, important skills
  • Rest, restoration, a break from daily life
  • Trust, intimacy, understanding
  • New joy and energy
  • Courage and overcoming oneself
  • In a safe and guided manner
  • Freely and creatively
  • Experiences

For Whom

  • For anyone who wants positive things – and maybe changes to their life
  • For you who wants to act and be with horses and animals, but doesn’t desire traditional riding activities
  • For organisations, communities, clubs, workplaces, social services clients etc.
  • For all ages from young to old
  • Also wonderfully accessible for the physically or mentally limited!

The activities may include:

  • The care and cuddling of horses, sheep, cattle, cats, dogs, chicken and ducks
  • Riding a horse cart/sled
  • Riding horses in the arena or forest trail on the lead, a long lead or independently
  • Handling and walking of horses, steering a horse cart
  • Cuddling sheep and adventuring with them
  • Recreation in nature, farm work
  • The activities are tailored according to the client’s wishes
  • Activity sessions happen according to agreement, for example 1-10 times
  • A goal-oriented plan will be made for recurring sessions


  • 55 €/h (1-2 people)
  • 75 €/ 1,5 h (2-3 people)
  • 100 €/ 2 h (4-8 people)

*The price of the hour is divided between attendants

*The price for bigger groups or longer durations can be separately negotiated

*The activities have a liability insurance, everyone needs to have their own accident insurance

Rehabilitative activities on the farm

  • Daily/work activities and farm days for those in need of special support
  • Support and foster children
  • Social rehabilitation
  • Farm vacations

We offer the opportunity to try and learn new things, rejoice of our friendly animals and enjoy being and doing things together in a versatile way. The content of the activities varies according to time of year and the wishes and needs of the participants. The participants can take part in the care of animals and all other work on the farm, depending on their skills and interests, as well as hike in nature and do fun things together. At the moment we have regular activity groups twice a week for those in need of special support.

The activity may include for example: building fences, milking the cow, helping with sheep shearing, separating wool, carding, spinning, felting, weaving, a walk with the animals, riding, ski riding, cart riding, hugging sheep, operating machinery, haymaking, patting cats, making pies, weighing or shepherding sheep, painting and crafting, making firewood, garden work, exploring the woods, a camp fire by the lake…

The farm offers the possibility for more private accommodation in the wing building or in the upstairs room of the main building, as a part of the family.

Animal visits to institutions

The sheep Tähti and dog Fani are our animal therapists, with whom we can visit institutions either together or separately.

The border collie Fani is a gentle, wise and charming dog, who takes everyone into account with a happily wagging tail – she also enjoys all kinds of pats and affections. The Kainuu grey ewe Tähti has been raised as a bottle-fed lamb and is very attached to humans. This is why she enjoys the company of humans and doesn’t cry after other sheep. She loves to travel and is at home where-ever, and also loves a good scratch.

Price: 60 €/h/one animal, including travel time and a mileage allowance of 46 cents/km. The price for an additional animal is + 50 €

We’re convinced that activities together in the middle of nature, enjoying the company of animals and each other, is refreshing and rehabiliting; the worries of the everyday are forgotten and experiences of success give one a boost of energy.

The guidance counselor responsible for the activities is Johanna Koivuluoma, agricultural entrepreneur since 2011, social counselor – deacon 1994, graduate from the social pedagogical equine activities program 2013, professional title of Social Services 2018, foundations of Green Care – operations 2019. The Rantakorpi estate has rights for producing private social services. The farm is a member of Green Care Finland.

– Ask us more and enquire for an offer!

Rantakorpi farm

On the Rantakorpi farm, Finnish sheep and Eastern Finnish cattle are raised on a small scale. The farm offers horseback riding trips, experiences with farm animals and sheep products.

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