It’s soft, natural, water repellent, breathing and so warm. It cares for the skin and makes the whole person feel warm and fuzzy.

Oh, the things that come from the tufts of wool decorating the sheep barn and pastures…It always surprises and astonishes how easily wool turns into the most lovely and useful products!

Wild About Wool

Let’s think about the journey of wool. First we shear – With ”Fiskars” scissors, old-fashioned shears or an electric shearing machine – each to their own. The dirty and wadded wool is separated for garden cover and flexible strands go on to be washed. The fine craft wool and rougher mat/felting wool can additionally be separated. The dried wool is carded by hand into wool buds or rolled into sheets with a carding machine. And then onto a relaxing session of spinning with an old-fashioned spinning wheel or more effectively in a spinning mill.

The wool, which was just on a sheep, is now yarn ready to be used for knits or the loom! This results in caps, socks, sweaters, mats, scarves, fabric or wall tapestries… Carded wool can be felted into fabrics, felt, felted slippers, hats, frames, bags – or even the walls of a Mongolian yurt.

The more you study and try out old-fashioned ways of working, the more you develop a respect for bygone generations – so incredibly multi-skilled have they been. Think about how the wool has also been dyed with plants found from nature. And even if you didn’t dye the wool, there’s quite a palette of harmonious colours available in natural wool – natural white, natural black, and different shades of brown and grey. For example, all the pictures on this page feature only natural colors!

If we take an even broader perspective, the skin and pelts of sheep are their own wonderful world. The Finnish sheep and the Kainuu grey provide incredibly beautiful and soft pelts, available in all different colours and for all purposes. The length of the wool can vary from short curls to long, soft wooly dreams. In our sleigh we have the house’s old, traditional blankets sown from sheep pelts – won’t get cold!

In Rantakorpi you can get to know the ways of handling wools and try different working methods for yourself. The boutique also has wool products on display and for sale.

Rantakorpi farm

On the Rantakorpi farm, Finnish sheep and Eastern Finnish cattle are raised on a small scale. The farm offers horseback riding trips, experiences with farm animals and sheep products.

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